BBC School Report 2017



Welcome from the

MCA News Team


Welcome to Manor Croft Academy

Good morning and welcome to Manor Croft Academy

Manor Croft Academy is a small School situated in Dewsbury West Yorkshire.

We enjoy a wide curriculum and have a full extra curriculum timetable.

This year our academy news team is made up of year 7 students who have shown an interest in media or journalism as a career option.

Our motto is “together we are stronger” and we believe if we all work together we can achieve more, enhance our media skills as well as have a fun day.


Rolling News 

 8.30 - After a short briefing we are now up and running with our first report.


 9.00 - We have our lead stories and we are busy typing our interview questions.


 9.30 -  We are all busy writing reports and preparing interview questions.

 10.00 - Joe has just gone outside to do our weather report. 
 10.30 - Our technical crew are ready to film with cameras and tripods all set up. 
 11.00 -  A quick break and its back to the action. 
 11.30 - Members of last News Team stopped by to see how things were going and to give us some advice.


 12.00 - We have already done 8 reports and it's only lunchtime. 
 12.30 - A quick bite to eat and a chat about what we've achieved so far. 
 13.00 - We are becoming experts at interviewing and filming. 
 13.30 - Time to report on the transition to High school. 
 14.00 - Everyone is tired out but it was all worth it.  An outstanding effort by all.  

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