BBC School Report 2015


Welcome from the

MCA News Team

Welcome to Manor Croft Academy.

Manor Croft Academy is situated in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. The Academy was established in September 2013 to cater for 11 to 16 year old young people of the area. We enjoy a wide curriculum and have a full extra curriculum timetable .

One of the extra curriculum activities is our recently established News Team, made up of Year 7 and 8 students.  Our club runs every Tuesday during lunchtime in the library. Recently we have been developing our skills, learning how to select newsworthy items, conduct interviews  as well as editing and publishing news reports.


Rolling News 

9:00 - Here we go!. After a short meeting assigning jobs the news team are up and running!

9:30 - Our first journalists are about to interview Mr Audsley about the successful Year 7 Rugby Team's win last night.
10:00 - After a frantic start the whole of the News Team are working hard  pulling their News stories together.

10:30 - This is our News desk where we will be filming our News reports.

11:00 - Here in the studio we are interviewing the captains of our winning Year 7 Rugby Team.
11:30 - Jack gets ready to present the World Happiness Day report.
12:00 - The News Team have been working hard (maybe too hard).  It's time for a break.
12:30 - Even during their lunch break the News Team are still researching news stories on their phones.
13:00 - Another news report is recorded, this time reporting on Red Nose day
13:30 - We are currently taking on the BBC make it digital Coding Challenge.
14:00 - MCA News Team all done for the day, a great effort and true team spirit.


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