Dyslexia Institute Literacy Programme

This programme was developed by the Dyslexia Institute primarily for people with dyslexia but many people with all kinds of literacy difficulties have benefited from it.

The vast majority of literate people are aware of the patterns and consistencies of the English Language. They have learned to read and to spell by noticing patterns in sounds and letters, by using analogy, by remembering the hand movements of word shapes in handwriting and by noticing meaningful segments in words. The dyslexic does not or cannot absorb the skills of written language in the same way and needs to be taught them explicitly. The symbols are the problem for the dyslexic. He has trouble in decoding printed symbols into speech (reading) and often greater difficulty in encoding speech into the conventional symbols which others can understand (spelling). This literacy programme aims at helping him understand some structure and order in what he considers to be a morass of arbitrary symbols and to use strategies to transfer into other learning situations.