Head of Department:  Mr E Walton

The main aim of Geography is to increase students’ awareness to the world around them and the way that mankind interacts with its environment.

Key Stage 3

Some of the units covered include:

- Extreme Environments

- The British Isles

- Map Skills

- Rivers and Flooding

- Fieldwork Enquiry

- Hazards (earthquakes and volcanoes)

- Population

- Range of case studies


In KS3 each unit has its own assessment or test. The format of these assessments vary and include extended writing, decision making tasks, annotated sketches and posters.

Key Stage 4

Qualification: GCSE

Core/Option: Option (Ebacc)

Units & Weighting:

AQA new specification (studied currently in Y9 and beyond)

- Living with the physical environment (35%) 90 minute exam

Challenge of natural hazards (weather & climate, tectonic hazards), physical landscapes in the UK (coasts and rivers) and the living world (Ecosystems, tropical rainforests, hot deserts or cold environments).

- Challenges in the human environment (35%) 90 minute exam

Urban issues and challenges, the changing economic world and the challenge of resource management.

- Geographical application (30%) 60 minute exam

Fieldwork based on pre-release material.

 How can I help?

  • By taking an interest in your child’s Geography work.
  • By making sure that your child has all the right equipment to take an active part in every Geography lesson.
  • By checking all their homework is done to the high standard expected of Geographers.
  • By checking your child's planner to ensure homework that is set is completed.
  • By contacting the Head of Department if you or your child are unhappy in any way.


  • The homework given in Geography is in line with the academy and department policy on homework/ELGs.
  • Students will be given Geography homework usually once a week.  There will be some learning homeworks and some reading homeworks.
  • The homework is always given on the day that students have their Geography lesson.
  • Most homeworks are set pieces to be handed in the following lesson, although this deadline may be extended in case of longer assignments/ELGs.  All students are expected to meet the deadlines set by their Geography teacher.
  • It is up to the individual student to make sure that deadlines are kept and homework is handed in on time.