Music and Expressive Arts

Head of Subject: Mr Matt Ryder


The Aims of the Performing Arts subjects are:

  • To make students' lives richer and fuller through quality arts experiences
  • Inspire students with a love for the arts
  • To develop confidence in all aspects of performance
  • Enable students to achieve the highest possible exam grades
  • Improve students' reading, writing, speaking and listening skills

In practice, our teachers' responsibility is to plan and teach good lessons; assess student work and exercise books effectively; know the students and how to have a positive impact on them.

Key Stage 3 Music

Students are taught as part of the Creative Arts carousel and spend time in each area throughout years 7 and 8.

Year 7

The units of work for Year 7 are as follows:

Unit 1   The Elements of Music – 8 weeks

•           Musical language test

•           Singing assessment

•           Polyrhythm assessment

•           End of unit test

Unit 2   Rhythm and Pitch – 8 weeks

•           Rhythm test

•           Pitch test

•           Keyboard skills test

•           Suss out the songs assessment

•           End of unit test

Unit 3   Group composition – Programmatic Music – 8 weeks

•           Programme music test

•           Ensemble composition assessment

•           Musical language test

•           End of unit test

Year 8 

The units of work for Year 8 are as follows: 

Unit 1   Form and structure / Individual composition – 8 weeks

•           Form and structure test – Ed Sheeran

•           Musical language test

•           Haydn composition

•           Minuet performance

Unit 2   Chinese Music and Ensemble playing – 8 weeks

•           Chinese instruments listening test

•           Duet pentatonic improvisation assessment

•           Group improvisation piece

•           Pentatonic melody performance 

Unit 3   Reggae music – 8 weeks

•           Reggae background work sheet

•           Reggae PowerPoint task 

•           Bob Marley fact file

•           Reggae chord progression assessment

•           Reggae syncopation/off beat assessment

•           Reggae ensemble performance


Key Stage 4 Music and Expressive Arts 2016 - 17


Year group

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11



BTEC First Award in Music Level 1 / 2

AQA GCAE Expressive Arts Level 2

Hours per week




Year of certification


Summer 2017

Summer 2017


Year 10 BTEC First Award in Music

Course Structure and Assessment

2 x Core Units (30 guided learning hours each)

2 x Optional Units (30 guided learning hours each)

Core Units



Optional Units

Exploring Musical Performance – INTERNALLY ASSESSED

Exploring Musical Composition – INTERNALLY ASSESSED

Students are graded as either PASS, MERIT, DISTINCTION OR DISTINCTION*.

A unit of work will be subject to an external Standards Verification during the year of certiciation.

Year 11 Expressive Arts GCSE

Course Structure and Assessment

Controlled Assessments (2 x 30% = 60% of total marks)

Unit 2 – 2 pieces of work BASED ON A THEME. Themes include:

  • Contemporary Issues (this must be chosen once)
  • Peoples and Places
  • Universal Themes
  • From past to present

Student evidence must consist of:            

  • an analytical essay comparing TWO existing arts works (10 marks)
  • a folder of evidence support the creative process, modifications, refinements and overall evaluation (30 marks)
  • a performance (20 marks)
  • TOTAL 60 Marks.

Exam Presentation (40% of total marks) (15 hours only)

Unit 1 – BASED on a set of stimuli – must choose ONE theme that is DIFFERENT to the ones chosen for the CAs.

A performance and evidence folder to support the creative process and how work was refined and modified. (40 marks total) 

Where might it lead?

Gaining a good grade in either Expressive Arts or Music is essential in order to access most Sixth Form and College arts courses as well as particular university courses and careers. Students who achieve a good grade in Y11 will be able go on to study a level 3 qualification in the Performing and Expressive Arts or Music.

Showcase Concerts

Christmas concert to showcase student work in December every year.

‘A Class Act’ Talent Show held annually in July.

BTEC Y10 Music Production to be held in May 2017.

Enrichment clubs

Rock School – Mondays from 2.30pm – 4pm

Steel Band – Thursdays from 2.30pm – 3.30pm