Social Use of Language

S.U.L.P. works within a structured and cumulative framework to assess and develop interpersonal and social abilities, from a communication and thinking perspective. Communication impacts upon a pupil’s personal, social and behavioural development and S.U.L.P. aims to further the skills required for this.

Sessions take place 9 times a fortnight for separate groups of 5 – 8 pupils. These sessions involve role-play, memory skill, social contexts and appropriate situational responses.

We work in close collaboration with the Speech Therapist who continues to monitor the progress of individual students. The Speech Therapist fully endorses the work done in the S.U.L.P. groups.

Pupils chosen on recommendation of staff and speech and language therapists including those with specific speech and language difficulties.

Baseline assessment via S.L.T. where appropriate.

Various method of measuring attainment have been tried under direction of S.L.T. and it was found to be impractical to measure eye-gaze and utterances etc.

Self assessment/peer assessment and target setting.

Staff assessment.

Video used to measure attainment for some children (others respond very badly to camera)