Units of Sound

Aims of the Course

To empower students and give them control of their literacy by developing...

  • Automaticity of sound / symbol response
  • Skills for word attack for reading and spelling
  • An understanding of the structure of language
  • An ability to apply learnt rules
  • Memory skillsSelf esteem, social skills, metacognative partnerships with staff and peers
  • The confidence and skills needed for independent study

Units of Sound is a multi-sensory, structured, cumulative audio-visual programme of literacy intervention which was developed by Walter Bramley of the Dyslexia Institute.

Stage One covers reading ages 5 years 6 months to 8 years, Stage Two 8 years to 10 years and Stage Three 10 years to 12 years 6 months.

Checking is done by the teacher at least 24 hours after the audio visual learning session.

This language programme was set up in Earlsheaton in September 2002 and has been enhanced by interactive smart board technology.

The course is designed to meet the needs of individual students. Each pupil works through a literacy programme on PC designed to specifically meet their individual need. This learning is systematically re enforced through reading back to teachers, spelling from dictation, proof reading and creative writing.

Comprehension skills are improved with questions and discussions about vocabulary and concepts using the words and prose from each stage of the student’s programme .

Structure of language is taught through group activities, board and interactive games, and individual tuition.

This programme is proving to be very versatile and has enabled us to develop interventions to meet a wide variety of needs in school.

We teach across the entire range of ability and offer an accelerated literacy programme to children whose NFER CAT scores indicates a significant discrepancy between general underlying ability and literacy attainment .