January Update

27th January 2017

A family school

The theme of our assemblies this week has been safeguarding – Students have been working with the safeguarding team to create a new child friendly safeguarding policy that can be easily understood and accessed by everybody in school.  The students have also been delivering these key message in assembly to all year groups to ensure that everyone knows who and where they should go if they have any concerns.  A big well done to all students involved!

Parents’ Evening

There was a fantastic turnout of students and parents for the meeting on Thursday 19th January.  It was the first time that we have hosted an evening that allowed us to invite all year groups to the same evening. Success is a team effort and when students, parents and the Academy work together we give them the best opportunity to succeed.

Y11 Maths, English and Science

Year 11 continue to show what an amazing year group they are with their attitude and resilience at a very busy and critical time in their education.  They are really buying into the intervention that we are offering and the one to one tuition in core subjects. This week we have been able to celebrate their successes in Maths, English and Science mock exams.  There is a long way still to go until the summer exams but early indications are that it will be a successful year.

Pie and Peas Night

Miss Barton and the maths team are hosting our first Pie and Peas night on Thursday next week at 6.00 pm where we will be handing out mock results and celebrating the successes of our Y11 students.  It promises to be a fantastic evening. I hope you are able to join us!

Andy Barnett