3D Model of the Earth - Year 7

8th February 2017

The 3D model of the Earth was built by Joe in Year7 as part of the Electro-magnetism Unit in Science.  It shows not only the magnetic field lines that protect the Earth from the Solar winds.  It also shows the structure of the Earth, as it is this structure that creates the magnetic field that we all take for granted.  Deep in the Earth there is a solid Inner Core of  IronNickel (In black in Joe's model) that spins inside an ocean of molten Iron/Nickel(in red) called the Outer Core.  It is this movement that causes the Earth's magnetic field, and it is the magnetic field that we use for our compasses and that also defends us from the powerful solar winds.  Surrounding the molten Iron/Nickel core is the Earth's Mantle (In orange).  The Earth's crust is the thin outer layer of rock.