Key Stage 4

As students move into KS4 they will begin to specialise and focus on the subjects, which they feel, will enable them to transition into the most appropriate and ambitious further education or training.  This allows for their option subjects to be taught in greater depth and provides them with the opportunity to pursue areas of learning which are of most benefit to them.  Having experienced a broad and highly varied KS3 curriculum, pupils are able to individually tailor their KS4 program of study to align with their strengths, interests and future goals.  We spend a significant amount of time talking with students, their parents/carers as well as any relevant external support to ensure that the curriculum meets their individual needs.  Regular Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) step up days and 1-to-1 guidance sessions aid this process.  We continue this dialogue and give students the chance to make a further option choice as they move through KS4. 

The curriculum model has been highly successful, the result of which is the exceptional GCSE outcomes the students have achieved in recent years.  It has also played a significant role in improving attendance to above national levels, lowering persist absence, lowering fixed term exclusions and reported instances of poor behaviour.  It is of great pride that disadvantaged learners at Manor Croft, achieve significantly better than non-disadvantaged students nationally, ensuring they have the opportunity to access higher level learning when they leave.  It is clear that disadvantaged students are not disadvantaged at Manor Croft. 

Alongside the taught curriculum we have developed a comprehensive series of step up days giving all our students the chance to gain a better understanding of themselves and the world of work through life and careers sessions.  These often incorporate professionals, external businesses, training providers, FE colleges and universities.  Students are better informed than they ever have been and so make more thoughtful choices about their future, resulting in fewer students deemed not in education employment or training (NEET).  For the first time in recent history our latest cohort to leave the academy recorded a zero number of learners deemed NEET.  This is a fantastic achievement and illustrates the success of the curriculum and the CEIAG support provided.  Alongside this we have a record proportion of our students studying the highest level 3 qualifications (66%).  This looks set to be improved upon with our most current GCSE cohort.  It can only help to achieve our intended goal of improving social mobility in the community and closing the income gap.

The impact of our approach is the outstanding progress made by all our learners.  It is also demonstrated in all the key measures that confirm that our students leave Manor Croft with the skills and attributes needed to play an active and productive role in their community.  Our school has now become the school of choice in the local area with numbers on role increasing rapidly and our Year 7 applications now well above capacity.  Parents and the community at large have clearly bought in to the school’s ethos including the curriculum, across all key stages.