Students are provided with a folder and an exercise book, in which to complete their homework. Their folder is a place to keep the knowledge organiser sheets that subjects provide to students. These are bespoke sheets to ensure that students learn the key knowledge at home on a weekly basis. Students are encouraged to use the “Look – Say – Cover – Write – Check” method to help them learn this. This work is completed in their exercise book which is checked by their teacher. 

To support students with homework completion we provide a homework timetable to ensure students homework is spread out across the week. We also run homework clubs in the library after school if students wish to stay.  

Teaching staff will check homework is completed and issue a stamp – a green complete homework or a red incomplete homework. We would encourage parents engage in regular dialogue with their child around homework and check their homework book.  

Please watch the video included in the Powerpoint presentation below for further information.  

Literacy – reading 20 minutes of your Accelerated Reader book per night. This should be logged in the Accelerated Reader booklets.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr Etherington at the Academy.

Please see below for downloadable homework timetable.