The art department has a strong reputation for quality and commitment to going beyond the curriculum.

Art at Key Stage 3

Art lessons at Manor Croft have a number of important goals…

  • To be first and foremost a pleasurable, creative and imaginative subject to study.
  • To enable pupils to become visually literate, to use and understand art as a form of visual and tactile communication and to appreciate the work of Artists, Craftpersons and Designers.
  • To develop pupils’ capacity for imaginative and original thought and experimentation and to communicate ideas, opinions and feelings about their own work and that of others.
  • To develop pupils’ creative and technical skills so that ideas can be achieved and artefacts produced.
  • To develop pupils’ capacity to observe and understand the world.

During the three year course in the Lower School pupils will work in the following areas…

  • Observation and imaginative drawing
  • Various forms of Printmaking
  • Painting
  • Ceramics
  • Graphic Design

The course is modular and at the end of each module the work is reviewed and assessed. The grades obtained are recorded as part of the National curriculum.

All pupils receive a personal sketch book which they are expected to use for developing their own ideas. This book will also be assessed and recorded as part of the National Curriculum.

Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4 pupils have a choice of GCSE ART courses…

All the courses are modular in structure leading to a final examination project; a ten hour ‘terminal examination’ piece of work.

The courses build upon the experiences gained in Key Stage 3. Pupils are encouraged to work on their own ideas and interests, especially in Year 11, and are also encouraged to work on these in their own time after school hours.